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14 January 2008 @ 09:45 am
Flying visit!

We've landed, got our bearing and started work. Unfortunately, I'm still homeless (though looking) but internet connection is both difficult to get to and expensive. So sorry for not being about and neglecting my friends list. It'll be another week, if not longer, before I'm set up with accommodation and can even think about getting some kind of broadband or whatever.

I hope you're all well. I missing chilling out and bumming around lj. Thankfully I got to read the most recent chapter of FMA, but I won't spoil those who have yet to see it. Eek! Though... Eek!

Talk to you guys soon,

07 January 2008 @ 09:58 pm
Well, not really, but just about!

Sorry about being so absent lately, between banks, college, visits and goodbyes I've barely had time to breathe! I'm getting a quick nap as I have to be up and about for four tonight.

Talk to you all soon,

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Co-worker: Hey Lee, you coming to the after-Christmas party?
Me: No, I'm going to be in Oz.
Co-worker: Oh no! That sucks. We should move it!
Me: NO! You can't move it just for me. I'm going to the pub with my parents, relations and friends, so you guys just come to that. There'll be food and drinks. (my parents are insisting on this. I hate big celebrations like this. I hate people coming to 'celebrate' me. I don't even go out for my birthday. Yes, I'm sad.)
Co-worker: Maybe we can do both! How about we do the Christmas party on the 5th Jan?
Me: Oh no, see, I can't do it on that Saturday. My brother and his partner both work Friday and Sunday. I have to have my going away on a Saturday so they can go. My parents have told all my relations it's the 5th.
Co-worker: Oh no! Well, we'll work something out.
Me: Honestly, it's no big deal. We'll all get to hang out on the 5th anyway.
Co-worker: Leave it to me.

A few hours later....
Co-worker: Hey Lee, I sorted everything out! Wahoo! Christmas party. *does a little dance*
Me: *joins in dancing* Really?! Class! When is it?
Co-worker: Next Saturday!
Me: o_0 Wait. Saturday the 5th?
Co-worker: *still dancing* Yep! Wahoo!!!
Me: (inside) AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Yep, work moved the Christmas party so I could go. I didn't ask or expect them to do it but I did really appreciate it... except it's the same day as the going away party my parents organised for me. What really sucks is that my boyfriend works with me.

Dilemma, dilemma.

ETA: Guys who wrote fic and drew art, sorry I haven't commented so far! I've got it all bookedmarked and I'll definitely get to it. I'm going visiting so I'm RUSHING!!!
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26 December 2007 @ 03:00 pm
So, I hope everyone is having a great Christmas. I've been having a really sweet/sad Christmas. My parents organised for all of the family to have Christmas dinner in our house, which was lovely. But yes, it also made me sad because I realise how much I'm going to miss everyone. It's really hitting home that I'll be in Australia in two weeks! I'm still really looking forward to going but I'm starting to realise I'll have loads of people to say goodbye to. I'm going out for dinner with all my friends from school tonight and tomorrow is dinner with the college crowd. Of course, everyone has booked time on my couch when they come to visit so I'll have to invest in a comfortable one!

I got loads of lovely presents and everyone seemed to love the gifts I got them, which made me so happy. I also passed my driving test on Friday, which made me SUPER happy. There's so many places I want to visit in Oz, so having a licence is so handy. Yes, I know it's sad that at 25 I didn't already have a driving licence... and to that I will say, don't ever do your test in Ireland. XD 55% failure rate! It is evil. EVIL!!!

And, some how, I've got loads of new plot bunnies for slightly-less-angst-than-usual-but-still-pretty-angsty-FMA-fics which I may managed to scribble at some point. I'm hosting the chapter discussion on fma_reread today. So, if you're around, COMMENT! It's fun, honest.
07 December 2007 @ 07:15 pm
So I got an e-mail yesterday from my new employer. They're hoping to get the project up and running a 'little' earlier than originally plan. The original schedule involved me flying out in March but they asked if I'd be willing to go earlier. So now I'm leaving in a month. They've gone away to book flights but they want me out the week of the 7th of January! I start training on the 14th and and being work on the 21st!

This is going to be the busiest Christmas ever. I've so much to organise and NO time to get it all done. Rob's going to see if he can get out earlier, otherwise I won't get to see him for five/six months, which would suck so much.

The fact that I'm leaving so soon hasn't really hit me yet. I'm excited right now and I've little time to think because I'm trying to get everything ready in time but as I get closer to the departure time I'm probably going to get more upset. I've lived in this city all my life. All my family is here.

I'm really excited about this new chapter in my life but it's going to be a major shock to be all alone on the other side of the world. I guess it's a good thing I like adventure!
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03 December 2007 @ 05:35 pm
So, I'm trying to be good and begin work on the Ed/Winry ship manifesto. It's not due until the 10th of January but with Christmas and work and everything else, I really want to get it finished ASAP.

So, without further delay...Collapse )

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02 December 2007 @ 05:50 pm
So, my brother and his partner FINALLY got their business back up and running. and there was much rejoicing A 'friend' of theirs totally screwed them over and started spreading delightful rumors about them... Nice, eh? Anyway, they've got the ball rolling again which is great, though they guilted me into working my ass of to help them. Unpaid, of course... Stupid family and love and depending on each other... XD

But my super duper news (for me) is I GOT A JOB IN OZ!!! Eek. I had a phone interview last week, which I felt went really well. The interviewer guy said that he really thought I'd fit in but I didn't have enough experience so he didn't know if I'd be right for that job so... THEY MADE UP A JOB FOR ME!!! Eh hehe! No-one has ever made up a job for me. So, I'm going to be an Explorational Geologist in Western Australia. I'm still really weirded out. I'd been hoping to get such a job since September but was having a hard time because I don't have an experience... but YEAY!!! let's hope they didn't hire me for my literary skills!. I don't start until March which gives me loads of time to get all my affairs in order. They'll be sending me VISA stuff soon, forms, forms, forms... and they're paying for my flights.

It's going to be so exciting. I'm really looking forward to a change of scenery and actually start working with rocks!

*is such a nerd*

In the middle of all that I actually found time to get working on some of my fics. Thank God, I was going through such a bought of writers block. :(

I also found myself signed up to write the Ed/Winry ship_manifesto. I saw that the ship was open ages ago and asked if it was free. I didn't hear anything back so I assumed someone had signed up for it. This made me happy. After I asked to do it I quickly realised I didn't have time to do it. Fast forward a few weeks and I'm freaking a little. I still plan on doing it because Ed/Winry has stolen my heart and I want to see it done but I'm insanely nervous about doing it! Eep.

Oh and I'm hosting Chapter 71 discussion on fma_reread, because obviously I didn't learn from college that doing loads of stuff when you have no time is stressful! :(
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11 November 2007 @ 08:16 pm
I think I'm living in a t.v. show. My life is too full of random crap to actually be real...

My mom had to have emergency eye surgery on Thursday. :( Her retina was detaching, which sucks on it's own, but she's functionally blind in the other eye, so it's was VERY serious. She has laser surgery (complete with three injections in here eye!) so hopefully that will solve the problem. She has a check up next Thursday, so fingers crossed friends list!

My two best friends broke up! :( They were my best friends before they started going out (I introduced them) and have been in a relationship for over a year now. They broke up last weekend. It's so frustrating because they have both admitted that they still love each other but aren't in the right places in their lives right now. I feel for both of them and wish there was something I could do. They're both in bits over it.

I have a skype interview with an Australia mining company next week. Eep! I hope it goes well... though I work with an Ozzie girl who told me that a bird eating spider attacked her cat one day. A bird eating spider that was under her bed. There's something really wrong when it's the spiders eating the birds. o_0

I haven't had any time to read fics or write. It's driving me demented. I'm writing about 100 words of A Life Without Regret whenever I get time to sit down. That's no where near good enough. I have had a few plot bunnies though... I think I might write a one shot or two to get me back in the groove. Hmm... plot bunnies, plot bunnies...

ETA: My friend got me a beautiful charm bracelet for my birthday. I've been on the net since oogling the charms. Today, I was disturbed to find vasectomy charms on Amazon. That's going a bit far, right? o_0
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01 November 2007 @ 07:10 pm
So I've been thinking about that Halloween potato from my last post and have come to a conclusion...

I'm going to give out weird crap for Halloween from now on. Now, before people start egging me, I have my reasons. Well, my reason... I still remember that potato. I got a lot of stuff through my childhood trick or treating career, but that potato is the one clear memory I have. For that reason, I now love that potato.

I can still remember the old man dropping it into my bag and smiling at us.

I can still remember thinking 'Wait, was that a potato?!'

And I can still remember my best friend's o_0 face when we took it out to examine it and realised that, yes, it was a potato.

That's one of my favourite childhood memories. It's so wacky and bizarre. I want to mess with kids heads and have them look back and moan about me on their LJs (or what ever mad stuff they'll have in the future...)

So next year, I'm getting a big bag of spuds for Halloween. It's going to be awesome.

Also, meme... Don't know what to make of it. (Swiped from _cherrywolf_)

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What's Your Personality Quirk?

Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.


Also, welcome artemisrae! *waves*

Go! Read her fics! Ed/Winry, Tokka and MORE!!!!
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31 October 2007 @ 07:19 pm
I'll be honest, not my favourite time of the year. It always seemed to rain when I was a kid and I guess I'm a little bitter that it seems to have been dry EVERY YEAR since I last dressed up.

When we were kids we used to spend weeks composing little songs and dances so that people would think we were cute and give us more sweets. Now... kids just thrust a bag in your face and glare at you. Seriously, I've had two groups sing song! Two! The youth of today. And the non-singers seemed really put out by what they got. They're getting free shit and they're getting narky about it? I guess they haven't hear the old 'beggars can't be choosers' phrase, eh? And I got them nice sweets too! Nothing I'd eat personally (I do value my organs) but stuff I would have been delighted with as a child... all filled with artificial colours and flavours, E numbers banned in some European countries and sugar in massive, hyper-active inducing amounts. And yet, it's not enough. Little Fanta filled fuckers.

Which, reminded me of the worst thing I got when trick or treating. Now, I did live in a wee tiny village at the time, the thrill was more with the staying up later, rather than the sweet eating... but still... what did I get? What you ask? I got a potato. Oh, hoho, and not just any potato, I had to share that potato with my two friends because they only gave us the one. One potato.

Now, I'm Irish, I do like my spuds, but that was really pushing it...

So I ask you, dear friends list, what's the worst thing you've ever got a-trick-or-treating?
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